Why Search Engine Optimization is an Essential Investment for Every Brand

While most entrepreneurs are familiar with the concept of SEO, the fact remains that less than 50% of all businesses invest in this pivotal form of promotion.

However, SEO companies Poland that do allocate budgets towards SEO campaigns will usually find themselves enjoying a significant advantage over the competition in terms of web presence and overall brand awareness.

At Grupa TENSE, we’ve witnessed first-hand the profound promotional potential of SEO via more than 10 years of experience as a leading provider of SEO services in Poland. During this time, our team of more than 150 SEO and digital marketing specialists have helped more than 1,800 satisfied clients improve their search rankings.

With such an extensive portfolio of successful projects under our belt, we’re in an ideal position to accurately describe the top reasons why SEO is an essential investment for every brand:

Optimising CVR: Organic Search Traffic Converts the Best

To break it down in an irrefutable manner, the bottom line is this: every company needs to do some form of advertising if it wants to get more business.

The question is, why would anyone want to invest in anything less than a form of advertising that provides a truly optimal conversion rate (CVR) – the percentage of site visitors who wind up taking the desired action (i.e. making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter subscription).

Organic search traffic consists of the visitors who arrive at your site after conducting web searches and clicking on one of your pages within the search results.

By creating content that targets popular and relevant keywords, you’re attracting people who are genuinely interested in what you’re offering, thus facilitating the highest possible CVR.

Optimising this key metric is important because it can convince investors to provide extensive funding to your startup on the basis that your product or service has already been well-received in its market.

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Case Studies and Analytics: SEO Results are Documented and Proven

The results provided by an SEO campaign can be measured and analysed in retrospect to determine an exact return on your investment. Traffic analysis tools like Google Analytics can show you how many visitors are coming from organic search results, and you can also see what percentage of those visitors wind up converting into paying customers.

Likewise, you can also visually see your web presence expanding, as more pages across the web begin to mention your brand in a positive light. With so much analytical data involved, SEO case studies and progress reports provide tangible evidence that you’re paying for a worthwhile service.

Reputation and Perception: Search Rankings Establish Brand Authority

High rankings in the search engine results directly translate into an enhanced perception of brand authority.

Of course, when you discover a brand on the first page of Google, there’s generally the impression that they must be reputable to obtain such rankings.

By investing in SEO services that will increase your chances of obtaining authoritative rankings, you’ll directly increase the perceived reputability of your brand.

Increasing Discoverability for Enhanced Exposure and Awareness

A substantial percentage of all business transactions conducted online happen through impulse buys or consumers stumbling upon new products or brands that they’ve discovered unexpectedly.
You’ve probably learned about many of the things you’ve bought online as well. Everyone knows that the internet has the power to spread ideas aggressively, and search engines are some of the primary catalysts for that exposure.

In an SEO campaign, we create a comprehensive content development strategy that will have your brand being discovered by people who are looking for information related to a wide variety of topics and trends that intersect with your brand’s value proposition.

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Most Consumers and Business Owners Use Web Searches for Buying Comparisons

When you’re getting ready to compare products, services, or providers for any purpose, what’s the first step you usually take?

Marketing studies have shown that more than 80% of consumers and businesses base their buying comparisons on web searches. That means if you’re not present in the search results, you’re not even being included in the vast majority of buying decisions that are taking place in your industry.

Scheduling a Consultation with an SEO company in Poland is the First Step

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